About Us

Papal Group is all about being versatile and exploring all realms of the industries.

It was in 2015, when Rahul S Papal started off with a small Food Truck, and established, over Five years later, what is known today as R S Papal Group. Papal group is today a well known player in the Ice Cream Sector, with world class projects in Maharashtra and abroad. Papal Group is headquartered in Pune, and has been developing projects in high growth areas such as Food & Beverages, Internet & Consulting.

Papal Group is one of the fastest growing Food & Beverages enterprises in the country with a rich and diverse experience spanning half a decade. With our vibrant portfolio of projects, Papal Group is uniquely placed to build state of the art projects in sectors that are of critical importance in the process of developing entrepreneurship. Using the franchise model, the Group has successfully leveraged its core brands to implement several iconic Food & Beverages projects in India.

Our Vision

Papal Group will be an institution in perpetuity that will build entrepreneurial organizations, making a difference to entrepreneurship through creation of value all over the globe.

Our Mission

Offering reasonably priced quality food & beverages, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings. Developing creative business opportunities for intended entrepreneurs through a district wise distribution of franchised modules. making a market leader brand in the present sector

Our Values

Humility - We value intellectual modesty and dislike false pride and arrogance

Honesty - Embrace the truth about oneself and the world

Respect for intellectual - We will treat everyone with dignity, sensitivity and honour

Entrepreneurship - We seek opportunities from everywhere

Teamwork & Relationship - Going beyond individual encouraging boundaryless behaviour

Delivering the promise - We value a deep sense of responsibility and self discipline to meet and surpass on commitments mode

Social Responsibility - Anticipating and meeting relevant & emerging needs of the society. Making Ourselves accountable to the community

Learning & Inner Excellence - Nurturing active curiosity to question,share & improve